I realize not everyone lives in Florida, the land of perpetual sun.

While many are still in the throws of winter and snow, pretty much everyone has starting thinking about spring and summer, whether it be the new bathing suit they want to fit into or the fun trip they have planned for spring break. Yet even in Florida we are not immune to changes in the weather. From sunny days and chilly nights we enter the even hotter and very humid months of the year.

These changes, even the ones that seem subtle to some, can play a number on your skin. It should come as no surprise that these transitional periods are the cause of breakouts, dry skin, and other skin woes. This means it is high time to change up your skincare routine.

First, if you have not been wearing sunscreen every day (which you should no matter the season or where you live), start doing it now. If your skin has been hibernating the sudden exposure to the sun’s rays is going to hit twice as hard. Make sure you put on sunscreen on your skin below any moisturizers and makeup, as you really want it to protect your skin. Even if your makeup says it has SPF in it, wear additional sunscreen.

SUNSCREEN! Reapply reapply even if you "think" you don't need to...trust me you will regret it the next day saying Friggin A! I got sun burned! Don't be an idiot. Protect the skin!

As the quality of the air around us changes, we want to keep in mind both what our skin needs as well as what feels good on our skin. The heavy creams and salves that felt so good on our chapped winter skin will seem to suffocate in the warmer months, while gels are light and will soak into skin effortlessly.

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Even your makeup routine will need to shift. Especially in Florida, where humidity is a serious factor, wearing waterproof elements is going to be super important. Make sure that your moisturizer has really soaked into your skin before putting on any makeup products. It will take a little longer for your makeup routine in the summer months as the humidity sometimes interferes with makeup setting. If you have dry skin, matte products may still be too drying. Instead utilize primer followed by a light layer of your favorite foundation, and set lightly with loose powder. Spray on a setting spray to make sure that your makeup lasts. While some waterproof mascaras can be too harsh if I wear them daily, I like swiping a light layer over my favorite mascara to “set” my lashes and make sure I don’t end up looking like a raccoon.

A volumizing mascara and a flexible rose gold evil eye bangle are all you need for a fun night out with your girls.

And of course you should never ignore eating healthy and staying hydrated. Eating local and seasonal produce will make sure to give your skin and your body what it needs to adjust to the changing local climate, wherever it may be. Coconut water is really good for hydrating after being out in the sun, but it does contain a lot of sugar (so use in moderation). Superfoods, like acai and blueberries, are also really good for boosting skin cell rejuvenation as well as overall health.

Healthy fruity acai bowl