I am definitely a morning person.

I love being up and about as the day gets started, and accomplishing so much by 10:00 AM. Usually, being a morning person means that by 2:00 PM I’ve had a few cups of coffee and am ready for a nap.

Waking up so early gives me time to really get settled into the day and take my time getting ready. Today, I thought I would share what that looks like.

This is my morning routine:

4:30 AM // This is when my first alarm goes off. Crazy, right? I immediately hit the snooze button! My alarm clock sound is ocean waves. I’m a California girl at heart and love the sound of the ocean. I find that it feels a lot better to wake up to the sound of waves than an annoying buzz.

4:45 AM // My second alarm goes off. I grab my phone and scroll through some social media. This isn’t the best habit, I know. I’m not yet fully awake and this is the time I use to catch up on what I missed from the night before and check up on any breaking news.

5:00 AM // I finally roll out of bed and do some stretches. I tend to feel a little creaky in the morning, so I love doing some sun salutations and get the blood flowing. I also use my 5 Minute Journal app to set my intention for the day. Here is my morning stretch routine:

5:15 AM // Shower time!

5:40 AM // Breakfast. I used to not be a breakfast person, but my Mom got me in the habit when I started having morning stomach-aches at Uni. Now, I don’t feel like my day gets started without it. I love starting things off with a health shot, followed by the brekkie du jour. One of my favorite things to have are gluten free oatmeal with raspberries, chia seeds, and a tiny bit of chocolate hazelnut spread.

And let’s not forget: coffee! I usually make coffee using my Keurig. Sometimes if I’m feeling fancy I’ll foam the milk. My favorite K-Cups at the moment are Green Mountain Nantucket Blend.

6:00 AM // Get dressed, do hair and makeup. I try to pick out my outfits the night before, but sometimes even that isn’t a guarantee that I will have my act together in the morning. This results in a little bit of rushing and a pile of clothes on my bed to be put away later. I’ve gotten my makeup routine down to a science: foundation, bronzer, mascara, and a little winged liner if I’m feeling fancy. My hair is a whole other story. I struggle knowing what to do with it now that its so long, so it usually goes up in a sleek high ponytail.

6:15 AM //┬áLeave for work. I have a big schlep to get to work every morning, so I like to give myself plenty of time. My drive is beautiful with views of the beach and palm trees, so I can’t complain. I listen to voice notes from my best friend (we record them as a way to keep in touch), or podcasts.


How do you like to start your day?

*All pictures from Pinterest*