The 2017 Crossfit Games have come and gone, and this year was so exciting!

Although it was a busy weekend for me, I did manage to spend a fair bit of time in Crossfit-land, checking the leaderboard frequently and managing to watch a good portion of the workouts live. I couldn’t start my recap without mentioning  how amazing Madison was as a host city! Not only was it such a pretty backdrop for the games, but it was nice to see the addition of different elements that only a new city could provide. And while the athletes were shivering before some of the outdoor events, I’m sure they were happy to beat the LA heat this year.

I thought that the programming this year was really done well, giving us WODs that were not only visually exciting, but also seriously challenging to the athletes. I don’t know if Director of the Games, Dave Castro, intended to mix up the leaderboard with his programming but he really did…with the exception of Mat Fraser, who completely dominated the competition.

I have to hand it to Fraser, he did an amazing job drilling his weaknesses and training this year-it really showed in his performance. At first I thought it made for a boring mens division, thinking back to how exciting it always was to see Rich Froning climb all the way up from the bottom to take the win. But the sheer dominance Fraser showed…there really is no better word to describe it.

I also have to mention how amazing Noah Olsen was throughout the weekend. He has definitely been one to watch and I was so impressed with how he came back from a pectoral tear around Regionals. While I’ve heard criticism in the past that he can seem a bit cocky, I have to say that this year he was really focused and down-to-earth, which made rooting for him even more fun. He is one of my favorite athletes, not only because he’s a local Miami boy, but also because he’s a nice, chill person as well. (Plus his GF, Joann, is soooo nice!)

I also have to add that I am so, so incredibly proud that 2 athletes represented Israel this year at the Games in the Teens division: Yogev Meller and Gaya Tzur. So proud of my country!

This has been an amazing year of competition and I am even more so fired up about my own Crossfit goals coming up this year.


What was your favorite part of the 2017 Crossfit Games?