I know I said last week was exhausting, but this week left me wiped out (in a good way)!

Some days I felt like it was taking all of my energy to just keep it together, while other days I had so much to do that it was go, go, go from 6 AM to midnight. But hey, whoever said #adulting was easy, right? All in all it was a great week and there are a few things that I am really stoked about:


ONE // Positive Body Image

I don’t love focusing on physique goals because there is so much that can go wrong with that. (I’ll probably do a whole post on this sometime). I like working towards action goals because there are more factors that I can control and more ways that I can measure my success, instead of how I look in a bathing suit. However, I came across Kelsey Kiel’s Instagram and was all “YAAAAAS!” If I’m gonna have thick thighs you bet they’re going to get as close to hers as possible.

TWO // Coconut Water

No link here, just a public service announcement. Coconut water is awesome! Florida gets really hot in the summer (also, always) and I don’t always drink enough water. I find myself feeling a bit parched, especially after a workout. Coconut water really helps my hydration and recovery so it gets a 5-star recommendation from me.

THREE // Death by Donut

And in this case I mean dying of happiness. Lest you think that I’ve gone to the dark side and become some crazy health and fitness obsessed cyborg, I will go on public record and share that I have eaten the most delicious and amazing donut of my life. The Salty Donut’s Instagram page has been teasing me for weeks with their drool-inducing donuts and this week my coworker and I finally broke down and ordered one each. The Nutella donut was absolutely worth every single bite (and calorie). #sorrynotsorry. Please do yourself a favor and get one before they sell out.


I’m keeping it short and sweet this week, but I want to know what’s on y’alls radar?

Cover photo from @thesaltydonut and @holinkaj