This week was a bit of a rough one.

Although it was a short week because of 4th of July, it was a week full of WORK, and I’m not talking about the kind that happens between 9 to 5. Nothing bad or dramatic happened by any means, but there was a lot of processing and realizing that took place that left me mentally exhausted. The conclusions I’ve reached were really positive and left me feeling rather zen leading up to the weekend.

ONE // Mind Matters

My workplace is providing an opportunity for summer reading for professional development. One of the books on the list was Mindset, a book that had been on my Amazon Wish List for months. I’m a few chapters in and already feel a shift in how I approach my day-to-day. A full review will be up once I’ve finished reading, but for now I can already recommend that you buy it ASAP.

TWO // Baby Slinging

One of my friends is just about to give birth, so I’ve been noticing a lot of baby-related things lately. One item that caught my eye is this gorgeous baby sling by Artipoppe, which allows you to comfortably wear baby whilst you go about your day. They are absolutely stunning and (I think) super fashionable as far as baby things go.

THREE // Podcast Obsessed

I have quite a long commute to and from work every day. Don’t get me wrong, the drive is absolutely gorgeous and the view definitely makes the whole experience more pleasant. But I do spend anywhere from half an hour to 45 minutes (or more!) each way. When my playlist got old I turned to podcasts. My newest podcast obsession is Girls Gone Wod, where Joy and Claire (aka your new besties) talk about Crossfit, booty shorts, and everything in between.

FOUR // Press the Reset Button

4th of July was really nice and chill, but I definitely indulged in some junk food (mainly potato chips and Sour Patch Kids). Needless to say the next day I woke up feeling pretty gross, so I turned to my go-to smoothie to kick my macros back in gear. Its so delicious, and made me feel so good, that I’ve had it every other morning this week as well.

FIVE // Justin Bieber-really???

I’ve been pretty silent about my not-so-stellar feelings about Justin Bieber. I just think he generally acts like a tool and I never really understood why everyone was swooning over him. But in a shocking turn of events, I have been playing Despacito on repeat for a whole week now. Has my brain been taken over by aliens? Possibly. But this song is kind-of amazing.

What have you been loving this week?