I am having a great day!

In spite of too little sleep I woke up in a great mood and have gotten so much done. After waking up and feeling really thankful after doing my Five Minute JournalĀ (I know, cheesy), so I wanted to share some things I’ve been appreciating lately. Hopefully these will help inspire you as you start your week.

I appreciate…that I got to spend a lot of time with my brother this weekend.

I appreciate…how beautiful my commute to work is. The view out my window really makes those 45 minutes go by more quickly.

I appreciate…Instagram stories. I’ll admit it-I love catching little glimpses of my friends’ days. It makes me feel like I’m closer to them. And I also love seeing what my favorite athletes and celebrities are up to on the day-to-day.

I appreciate…waterproof eyeliner. Miami is hot and humid, and without the waterproof stuff my makeup would be running down my face. Believe me, the raccoon look is only cute on raccoons.

I appreciate…nail polish. I haven’t gone to get a manicure in forever but I love giving myself a manicure at home. Saves me about $40 and I don’t have to feel guilty about a chip or a mid-week color change.

I appreciate…sheet masks. These are an amazing way to take 20 minutes for myself, and, if I do them before bed, I wake up with my skin looking 10x better than it did when I went to sleep.

I appreciate…my mom. I don’t think I need to delve further into this one. Let’s be real: moms are the best!

I appreciate…being excited for my workout. I don’t get stoked to work out every single day. I do it because I’m training for something and because its a healthy habit. But today I am STOKED to get out there and sweat.

What are y’all appreciating today?

P.S. How amazing is that photo? It was taken by my friend!