Everyone always says how good meditation is for you.

And they are absolutely right! Meditation is a great way to calm your body down, gain new perspective, and generally be a calmer person. I took an entire meditation course in grad school and even used it as a professional tool to help clients. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have a really hard time doing it.

I’ve tried many times and could not get it to be a daily habit that stuck. I looked for an alternative approach to mindfulness, and that’s how I discovered The Five Minute Journal. I originally found it through Mimi and Alex Ikonn’s Youtube and I was intrigued. Something that I could do every morning and night but would only take me 5 minutes? And this could help me be more mindful and fulfilled? I was sold!

So here is how it works- every morning you answer 3 prompted questions: what are you thankful for? What would make today amazing? And a daily affirmation. Every evening you answer these prompts: what made today amazing? How could I have made today better? They also include inspirational quotes and weekly challenges.

I love it because its so simple, especially with the app.

I try to use The Five Minute Journal pretty much every day, and find that I am in a better head space, am more mindful, and am a more positive person. Even when I’ve had a bad day or wake up cranky, the opportunity to reflect and be grateful is so helpful with getting through the negativity.

This is a mindfulness practice I can stick with. Have you tried The Five Minute Journal? What are some ways that you practice mindfulness?