If any of you had told me I would be wearing a white dress for my 4th of July outfit I would have told you you’re crazy.

Needless to say, I am not a fan of wearing white. Don’t get me wrong-I think its a beautiful color and am envious of those who seem to effortlessly pull it off. But the second I even think about wearing a white top, even look at it, I somehow spill coffee on it. Before even putting it on!

That is before, however, my friend Erin found me THE perfect white dress. I set eyes on it and knew that I would take a break from coffee (and let’s face it-sitting down on things) for the entirety of the day I wore it.

And the best part-its under $15 at Walmart!

I normally don’t think of Walmart as my number #1 fashion destination, but I have to admit that they did good this time. To me, owning a white dress isn’t super practical, for the reasons already mentioned above. But $15 is a perfect price point to get the cutest 4th of July outfit.

For my accessories I looked no further than Target-this $1 is too cute and a perfect topper to my 4th of July outfit!

What are y’all wearing this 4th of July?