It’s summertime, and whether you’re working out for that bathing suit bod or you want to get a little more fit, its time to get that workout in.

If you remember a few months ago I shared a workout with you and I’ve been getting tons of requests to bring you more. Most days I follow the programming on the Crossfit main site and then modify it based on my ability. But today I did  my own thing and had a really solid workout that I’m excited to share with y’all:

5 minute elliptical warmup-build up some speed and incline as you’re doing this
20 minutes elliptical-80% target heart rate

(after warming up upper body)

5 rounds of: 
15 front squats (just the bar, or add weight based on ability)
30 single under jump rope

5 minute rowing cool down

*Keep your elbows and chest up in the front rack position
*Try to move your arms as little as possible when doing your single unders. Use just the flick of your wrist to control the rope.


Did you try this workout? Let me know in the comments how you did.


*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a personal trainer. All exercises listed on this site are what personally work for me. Anyone following these exercises does so under their own liability