What’s on your summer reading list?

I almost called this post “Beach Reading”, but it has been pouring rain in Miami for the last 3 days and it doesn’t look like I will get to the beach anytime soon. Regardless, I find that the amount of books I read during the summer are quadruple the amount of books I read in fall and winter.

There’s just something about summer that makes me really want to dive into a good book and a very large iced coffee.

Every so often I will just scroll through my Amazon Kindle recommendations and save books that sound interesting to my Wish List, then buy them whenever I’m in the mood for something new. I use Kindle on my iPhone because its convenient and immediate, but I much prefer to read a physical book that I can hold. There’s nothing like the feeling of turning the pages, smelling the scent of a good read. Can you tell I’m a bit book obsessed?!

Here are some of the books on my summer reading list:


Poison in Paddington // I found this book on one of my Amazon browses. I was looking for an easy read and was intrigued about this mystery that was loosely based on Sherlock Holmes, my favorite character. It is refreshing to see the partnership between two females and I love that this book doesn’t try to take itself too seriously. It is a really fun and quick read that will have you falling in love with the characters.

Murder Games // I love James Patterson and read at least one of his books every few months. They generally start off slow, but the action really picks up. This one combines two things that I love: mysteries and criminology.

Heat Storm // I watched Castle religiously for many seasons. He was so charming and I love the way Kate just put up with him. He had seemingly endless amounts of random knowledge that always came in handy at just the right moment. The Nikki Heat series are the actual books Richard Castle was talking about in the series. I love when fiction meets reality in such an interesting way.

Talking As Fast As I Can  // It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I love anything to do with Gilmore Girls (I wrote about them here, here, and here). There is something so special about the actors, their relationships, and how the show came together. Even though this book is written by Lauren Graham, I still read it with the voice of Lorelai Gilmore in my mind. I haven’t watched Parenthood yet, but is at the top of my Netflix list.

Come, Tell Me How You Live: An Archaeological Memoir // My love for Hercule Poirot, the funny little Belgian detective, sparked a fascination with Agatha Christie and her life. I am a proud owner of a first edition, second printing of one of her books (I am also an old book lover) and enjoy diving into the world of 1920’s and 30’s grandeur. She is fascinating not only for the characters she created, but for being an adventurous and extremely independent woman in her time.

Right now I’m juggling three books at the same time, and I have a massive stack of books on my nightstand just waiting for me to dig into. Still, I would love to hear your recommendations for great books.

Have you read something particularly noteworthy lately?