Springtime Saturdays are just meant for going to the Farmer’s Market.

There is nothing better than spending  a few hours getting lost amongst the stalls filled with fresh fruit and veg, colorful artwork, and delicious foods from around the world.

This past Saturday my mom and I headed to Yellow Green Farmers Market. Open Saturdays and Sundays throughout the entire year, this farmers market has something for everyone.


I am really passionate about buying local. It’s healthier, supports local businesses, and creates a sense of community. It is so nice to get to know the local vendors and catch up with them every time I visit. While this market was new to me, the vendors were as friendly as ever and it was lovely to see how passionate they are about their products.

Being new to South Florida I came across some fruits that I had never seen in other markets, like dragonfruit and soursop. The smoothie my mom and I shared (pictured below) had coconut ginger, passionfruit, and chia lemonade. Such a refreshing drink on a hot day…and so colorful!

Even amongst the many stalls there were a few that stood out.

We stopped by Michal’s Kitchen for a little taste of home. The passion and love that she puts into the traditional Israeli dishes really shows. Her stall was consistently busy, and customers didn’t hesitate to call out to us as we walked by to tell us how delicious the food was. My mom and I shared a Sabich sandwich-a pita filled with pan fried eggplant, Israeli salad, and hummus. It was delicious!

Since I hadn’t had my coffee yet that day I was on a mission to find the best coffee at the market, which I found at Kay Rico Coffee. Not only are the owners super nice and friendly, but they are as coffee obsessed as I am. Sourcing beans from all over the world, this family-owned company roasts and mixes the beans themselves to create the perfect espresso pull. The cold brew coffee ice cubes sealed the deal on LITERALLY the best coffee I’ve found in all of Miami.

Even though I had my coffee, I still couldn’t pass up having a look at the loose tea stall. There is just something about loose tea preparation that makes the whole experience feel more special. The presentation of this stall was beautiful and their team mixes sounded really interesting. I picked up the watermelon hibiscus blend and can’t wait to try it.

The Atmosphere Patisserie stall stopped me in my tracks with their beautiful pastries, several of which were gluten free. What I thought was a macaroon was actually a soft and delicious apricot pastry. Everything that I tried had a complex layering of flavors with a simply beautiful presentation. I will definitely be ordering from them for my next party and stopping by next time I am at the market.

I had such a blast spending the morning at the Yellow Green Farmer’s Market and can’t wait to go back!

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?