I have been wracking my mind for weeks about what to include in this post. I’ve seen so many other bloggers post amazing gift ideas, but every time I looked at their suggestions I couldn’t help but think that  my mom wouldn’t enjoy receiving any one of them. Its not that my mom is hard to shop for or doesn’t appreciate gifts. She just always says that I should save my money for something more important. To me, Mother’s Day is such an significant occasion and it is important for me to show my mom some token of appreciation.

Here are a few out of the box ideas to help make Mother’s Day really special:

ONE // At Home Spa

Grab your bath robes and create a fun at-home spa experience for Mom. All you need are some smelly candles, a bath bomb, and a face mask. While the mask is doing its thing, give your mom a manicure to really help her feel pampered.

TWO // Cocktail Hour

There’s no need to spend hours getting ready when you bring the cocktail party home. Cut up fresh fruit to use as a drink garnish and look online to find some easy and delicious cocktails.

THREE // Fancy Dinner at Home

Mom cooks for us every night, so on Mother’s Day its time to turn the tables. Find a recipe that you’ve never tried, or cook up one of the things Mom makes that is really your favorite. Take care in decorating the table and leave your cell phone behind so Mom knows its a special meal just for her.

ONE // Art in Two Parts

Moms and daughters can have fun creating a unique work of art together. Decide on an image that can be easily split, then each one of you paints one half. Put them together for a masterpiece that will always remind you and your Mother of your relationship.

TWO // Museum Tour

Moms love spending time with their daughters, but on Mother’s Day you can always do something that you don’t typically do with your mom.

THREE // At Home “Drive In” Movie

Mother’s Day is in the spring, which is a perfect time to go outdoors to do something fun as a family. Set up a sheet or screen and a projector, toss some blankets and pillows, and pop the popcorn!

ONE // Thoughtful Words

I’m not a scrapbooking person and neither is my mom, but we are both sentimental. Grab a nice journal and decorate the pages with things that remind you of your mom. It can be a cherished memory, a favorite recipe, or even how she made you feel special that day. You can write a week’s worth of pages around Mother’s Day and keep the tradition by adding a week each year to the journal.

TWO // Wear It Close to Your Heart

This type of jewelry can be really sweet, especially if all of the kids pitch in to get it for Mom. Find something in the color and style that she likes so she will want to wear it often and with most outfits. And if budget is an issue, you can always take the DIY approach.

THREE // Flowers With a Purpose

Give the traditional Mother’s Day Bouquet a whole new spin by buying flowers and arranging them inside an acrylic box. It makes for a really elegant presentation, and Mom can reuse the box to display makeup or jewelry.

How will you be making this Mother’s Day extra special for your mom?