flirty brows

If you were to ask me what part of my makeup routine was most important I would say that, without a doubt, it is my eyebrow routine. Brows are in the direct line of site of anyone who is looking at you and their shape helps determine how your overall face is perceived. We’ve all seen that woman who looks like she is constantly surprised, right? While too much Botox may be partially to blame, the real culprit is bad eyebrows.

Groomed eyebrows bring an entire look together flawlessly, whether you are wearing a face full of makeup and fake lashes, or just a touch of mascara and lipgloss with an otherwise bare face. The first and most essential step is to get your brows shaped by a professional. I have tried to do this on myself with less than stellar results. A brow artist is able to look at your face from above, which allows them to see an unobstructed view of your face and where your natural brow arch falls. This is really the only way to get evenly shaped eyebrows without risking taking too much off. While I don’t believe that makeup should be a difficult task, shaping eyebrows really is akin to rocket science–I’d much rather leave it to the professionals.

brows on fleek

Keep in mind that not every brow professional is great. I have several friends who have been burned (literally) by their choice of brow shaper. The following three brow shapers have never let me down, and are available at every price point:

Brow Art 23-$12:

Growing up almost all of my mom’s friends would get their eyebrows threaded, a process where the brow artist uses simple sewing thread to precisely trim and remove excess brow hairs. It comes as no surprise that my very first experience with brow grooming was having them threaded. Yes, it hurts, but you really get used to it. And the results are beautiful and last a long time. Brow Art 23 can be found as a store front or kiosk at many malls. The women are used to working with Indian and Middle Eastern brows, which can be thick, so maintaining a full brow look will not be a challenge for them.

Cosmetic Market in Green Hills-$18:

Little did I know that hiding in the back of Cosmetic Market was a mini-spa, complete with a comfy bed and soothing music. The process only took about 15 minutes and was completely painless. I came out with beautiful brows and was not pressured to buy any products. Rachel, my brow artist, was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions about brow shapes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills-$30+:

Anastasia Beverly Hills is known as one of the foremost experts in brow design. Her brow experts go through extensive training to be able to offer brow grooming services. Found at many Nordstrom locations across the US, this appointment-only service is very thorough. The brow artist explains what your exact brow shape should be and begins the process of reshaping them. They often recommend return visits to help mold your brows into the desired shape, as well as a very high-quality line of brow products, so this can get quite pricey. But hey, good brows are worth the investment.

I made a video tutorial with two different ways to make your brows look flawless every day. Check it out HERE.