For the past two years I have been sidelined by a pretty gnarly injury. Years of martial arts training and competition, lack of mobility training, and a misstep on a hiking trip created tiny tears in my posterior tibialis tendon (the tendon that goes between your calf and ankle on the inside on your leg). This caused me endless amounts of pain and frustration as I undertook physical therapy and tried to gradually ease myself back into training.

posterior tib

I had even resigned myself to never doing high impact sports again, and being limited to only swimming and pilates (nothing wrong with those, but they are not exactly what gets my blood boiling). However, after finally getting an MRI it was discovered that my tendon has healed well and looks beautiful (my sports ortho’s words, not mine) and that only a little bit of inflammation remains.

To say I was ecstatic is an understatement and I was eager to get back in the gym after not setting foot there for many months. I will be easing myself into it as I build up both my mental and physical stamina.

To start, I will be doing a daily regiment of 25 pushups, 25 situps, and 25 air squats (to help rebuild baseline strength). Then I will be following the Crossfit mainsite workouts (or WODs), but modifying them based on my ability and training needs.

So if you are looking to get back into shape, are just getting started with Crossfit, or need to modify for any other reason, you can go ahead and follow along with me.

Share your progress in the comments so we can create a community of support.

daily wod

Mainsite WOD: 6/1/16:
For time:
50-lb. single-arm dumbbell overhead lunge, 50 steps
100 GHD sit-ups
100 hip extensions
50-lb. single-arm dumbbell overhead lunge, 50 steps

Modified WOD: 6/1/16
For time:
15-lb. single-arm dumbbell overhead stationary lunge (depth as able), 25
25 butterfly situps
25 hip extensions
15-lb. single-arm dumbbell overhead stationary lunge (depth as able), 25

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a personal trainer. All exercises listed on this site are what personally work for me. Anyone following these exercises does so under their own liability