crossfit talk

Everyone knows that Crossfitters love talking about Crossfit. I have been participating in one sport or another for most of my life and never have I met a group that loves talking about their sport more than Crossfitters. Its also probably the thing that drives non-crossfitter’s the craziest. I totally get it. And I’ve totally been guilty of it. (Like yesterday in fact…)

I’m not sure why this is but it strikes me that people who love to workout get pretty excited about. And people who participate in Crossfit in particular tend to be people who are passionate about working out and making that part of their lifestyle, but also super competitive (probably more than I have seen in any other sport). So when  you get a bunch of excitable and competitive people together of course we’re going to freak out about every little milestone…even when that milestone is just making it through a workout.

I remember the day I finally got my air squat below parallel was one of the best days of my year–it literally took me months of working on this one movement to be able to get it (and its probably the simplest movement there is). But I still wanted to tell everyone who would listen. Recently my really gnarly leg injury has cropped back up and I wasn’t able to work out at all-even walking more than 5 or 10 minutes had me in severe pain. It is beyond frustrating when all you want to do is move and be active but you can’t.

Long story slightly less long, I finally got the okay from my physical therapist to start doing some light movement. Of course one of the first things I did was try for a squat today. AND I WAS STILL BELOW PARALLEL!!! I was so excited-the feeling was unbelievable. I couldn’t do more than 5 without feeling a twinge in my leg that let me know I shouldn’t push it, but the movement was still there. I was ecstatic and immediately wanted to shout it from the rooftops (or the Facebook wall as it were).

But before I posted I thought to  myself, why do I need to tell everyone that I just squatted below parallel? Granted, I am doing this just now, but it is more to make a point rather than to get likes and comments. After all, I work out for myself and not to get praise from others. So why the urge to announce it to the world first thing?

I’m not sure I really have an answer or explanation, nor do I necessarily think this is a bad thing. I know that last year when I was participating in the Open sharing on social media is something that really motivated me and really helped me keep going. And you never know when your experience and success (or even struggle) can really speak to and help out someone else.

But perhaps like anything on social media, oversharing can cause us to sometimes lose perspective. We may find that we start doing things just to have a reason to post, or feel that our accomplishments are not so great if we don’t get a certain number of likes. So maybe this time I’ll save that Facebook post for when I do something really great, like snatch something heavier than a PVC pipe. For now I’ll be good with just giving myself a pat on the back.

Have no idea what half the things I mentioned in this post mean? Check out this handy Crossfit glossary.