I love decorating for the holidays! I think it really helps to get you into a festive spirit. People in my neighborhood have really been going at it with the Christmas decorations, and while I don’t celebrate Christmas I still really enjoy the decorations themselves and have been inspired to decorate my own house.

There is not a wide selection of Hanukkah decorations to be found, especially in comparison to Christmas, and it can sometimes be difficult to get away from the kitch-factor that is found in a lot of ready-made decorations (lets face it, some of those end up looking like they are for elementary school kids). And while there is nothing wrong with that, I prefer to mix it up by utilizing neutral colors along with some light-hearted Hanukkah fair.

I have scoured the internet (well, Pinterest) and created for you a collection of the chicest Hanukkah decorations:
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How do you like to decorate for the holidays?