Jewish Family Services

This year I have the honor to serve as an intern on the board of Jewish Family Service. This wonderful organization enriches both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities in Nashville through a variety of services including: adoption services, programming for seniors, and counseling.

My experience with Jewish Family Service (JFS) goes back to my days at University, when I was an intern at the local JFS branch. While there I got to see first hand the wonderful ways in which JFS brings together people of all ages to improve the community.

I am so happy that I can continue my service with this amazing organization and the good news is that YOU can too!

There are many ways to support Jewish Family Service, whether through donation or by volunteering your time. Why not end your year on a high note by being a light to someone in the community? jfs 2

To find out more about Jewish Family Service, check out their website and Facebook page.