I had a different post all ready to go but decided that I would so much rather post this one, of the cuff and written on my phone. I am not a huge lover of NYE shenanigans and so my first instinct was to add my own Facebook post summarizing this past year that would have said, “2015: Bye Felicia!”

But then I thought about it a little more and realized that I have done some amazing things this year:

  • I am healthier and fitter than I was this time last year
  • I’ve gotten rid of about 90% of the junk in my closet and in my life
  • I ca-rushed the Crossfit Open (in a very scaled and limping manner, but I finished every WOD nonetheless) and as a result
  • I tried and fell in love with a new sport
  • I filmed several YouTube videos for the first time
  • I designed some awesome websites and grew my skills as a marketing professional
  • I visited 2 new cities
  • I became a better cat mom
  • I engaged in random acts of kindness just because
  • I connected with a community of amazingly supportive individuals who mean the world to me and encourage me from afar

So all in all, I would say my year has not been too shabby. Bring it on 2016!