Today marks the first day of Israel Week–a week in which I blog about the adventures I had in Israel this summer. It is such a wonderful and amazing country and I can’t wait to share it with you. 
tel aviv kitchen and bar

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I love visiting Jerusalem. There is something about the bustle of the city mixed with the ancient stones that just gets me every time. Of its many charms, many people may not realize that Jerusalem is a foodie’s paradise. Amongst the shouk (market) and little alleyways lie a smorgasbord of modern and intelligent culinary offerings.

One of my favorite destinations from this particular trip to Jerusalem was Tel Aviv Kitchen and Bar. It was there that I was promised the best hamburger in town and they sure delivered. The hamburgers were cooked to perfection and were accompanied by some excellent Belgian beer (of which they offer many).

The real diamonds for me were the sides. Apparently this is a common way to serve fries in Israel, but to me the sweet and sour chili fries were a novelty. The sauce was tangy and just a little tart, creating a perfect balance with the meaty taste of the hamburger. Regular french fries just don’t do it for me anymore.


THE most delicious cauliflower!

And the dish that still makes my mouth water whenever I think about it? Lightly fried cauliflower with the most delicious tahini over the top. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, since I don’t much care for either cauliflower or tahini, but this was soooo delicious!!

After being stuffed to the gills we were spoiled by some homemade deserts which included chocolate souffle, Snickers cake, and Ferrero Rocher cake…all served with ice cream of course.

The restaurant offers a full menu including several different types of burgers (I recommend the Italian), wraps, schnitzel, and a really lovely set meal that offers your choice of main course and appetizer. Happy hour drinks are 1+1 and they have an amazing selection of liquors as well as Israeli and European beers. The menu itself has clever titles for everything, so if you read Hebrew you will enjoy that.

This menu has something for every appetite

This menu has something for every appetite

tlv menu 2

The menu includes a large drinks selection







Beyond the wonderful food (I feel that I have run out of synonyms for “incredible” and “delicious”), the ambiance at Tel Aviv Kitchen and Bar makes you feel like you are in the comfort of friends. I recommend sitting outside, where you can people watch and enjoy the breeze that is inevitable in Jerusalem. The servers are so knowledgable and are able to provide you with recommendations for whatever mood you are in. The staff really add to the atmosphere-there is nothing better than service that is both fast and friendly. I really enjoyed this restaurant so run, don’t walk, over to Tel Aviv Kitchen and Bar in Jerusalem.

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Tel Aviv Kitchen and Bar is located at Shimon ben Shatach 2, Jerusalem, Israel.