Let’s face it guys–Mondays are the worst! Has anyone else experienced this: On Friday morning you wake up soooo excited because you know that the weekend officially starts in just a few hours. Saturday is both glorious and exhausting because of all the amazing things you do on Saturday. After going out late Saturday night you wake up Sunday morning with a knot in  your stomach, dreading the fact that Monday is now less than 24 hours away.

Well fret no more my lovelies because I am here to tell you how to start your week with joy. So if you want to know more, read on to find out how to have a better Monday.

  1. Set your alarm 15-30 minutes before you actually need to get up.
    I am a chronic snooze button user and if any of you are like me you know that as glorious as those few extra snoozes are they almost always cause you to run late. This doesn’t mean you have to drag yourself out of bed the minute your alarm rings. Ease yourself into Monday madness by setting  your first alarm with an allowance of 2-3 rounds of snooze. It’s a win-win situation and you won’t cause yourself to run late.
  2. Do 3 rounds  of sun salutations.
    I always tend to be a little stiff in the morning and those little aches can cause me to be grumpy all day. I usually turn on my Keurig or water kettle to heat up and then do 3 easy rounds of sun salutations (see tutorial below). These are a great way to get your blood flowing and stretch my creaky limbs. For a bonus anti stress treatment make sure to focus on  your breathing. As my amazing yoga teacher always says: “one breath, one movement.”
  3. Have breakfast.
    I used to absolutely detest breakfast and would never eat it, much to my mother’s consternation. I just never quite felt hungry enough in the mornings and most breakfast foods didn’t sound that appealing (this was a time before I discovered the wonder that is eggs benedict). When I started working out in the mornings I needed to make sure I had enough energy to train so breakfast became a part of my daily habits. I tend to prefer savory over sweet most mornings. One of my favorite breakfasts is coconut rice with sweet potato hash and an over medium egg. Sounds weird but trust me, it is delicious (hat tip to Heather Bergeron for the recipe idea). And of course, no breakfast is complete without coffee.
  4. Pre-make lunch.
    You’ve made it through the first few hours of the day with only a minor Monday headache and now you’re absolutely starving…but there is nothing to eat. Talk about being hangry. To avoid this I highly recommend packing or preparing your lunch the night before. Sounds challenging I know, but you have to pack away your leftovers anyway right? Just put a portion in a smaller tupperware (or, stick whatever protein you had for dinner in a tortilla) and BAM! You have a ready made lunch. If you’re not a good cook and therefore want to avoid your leftovers try to bribe your work bestie to bring you extras of whatever she made.
  5. Snuggle time with a fluffy animal.
    Honestly, when I have had a long and arduous day there is nothing better then my kitten Moriarty meeting me at the door. He is just so happy to see me that it instantly makes everything else melt away. Remember those old commercials that said pet owners live on average 7 years longer? Well, they got something right because snuggling pets just make you happy. Don’t have a pet? Grab your nearest blanket/fuzzy sweater/amicable boy next door and get to snuggling.