I’m in a bit of a manicure rut. The harsh winter weather is doing a number on my cuticles and I feel like any time I try to grow out my nails past super short they just shatter into a million hangnails. I also find that I am shying away from bold colors because they clash with my pedicure. In wintertime when I don’t show toes I tend to pedicure less often than the summer. I want nothing more than to let my nails shine with the perfect baby pink polish color.

And therein lies the problem–which pink to choose?

Lately I have found that Essie’s colors are too chalky and I haven’t been able to quite settle on the right OPI shade. This week I compromised by layering Chanel’s Beige with OPI’s Peony for Your Thoughts.

CHANEL_beige peony for your thoughts

Check out my Instagram for the finished result.