For those of you who know me it should come as no surprise that I am starting a blog series called “K-Pop Files”.  I absolutely love all things Korean, whether is be food, music, style or beauty products. Each week I will feature something new in this series–everything I talk about is something that I have tried myself or that I really like.

I am going to kick off the series this week by talking about Korean beauty products. If you every see Koreans, whether in person or on TV, you are sure to notice that they have the best skin ever! This is because having fair, youthful skin is an important part of Korean culture. Not only do they stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen religiously, but they are way ahead of the West when it comes to developing innovative beauty and skincare products. Remember BB cream? Well Koreans had been using it for years before it premiered in the West! I first discovered K-beauty products when I was looking for a BB cream that would not make my skin break out. After friend recommendations and some research, I was introduced to the world of Korean beauty products and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today I will introduce you to a beauty product I cannot live without: sheet masks!

Sheet masks are exactly what they sound like: a thin sheet of paper coated in a rich layer of serum. They are individually wrapped and you just unfold it, place on your face, and hang out for 15-20 minutes. Probably one of the best things about them is that you don’t get your hands goopy like you would with a regular face mask.

These masks can be used to address any skin problem, from blemishes, to dryness, to fatigued skin. I love the way they smell and my skin always looks so plump and moist after I have done one. In an ideal world (in which I am taking very good care of my skin) I do a sheet mask twice a week. Its a great opportunity for me to take some much needed quiet time for myself!

Currently I am obsessed with the My Beauty Diary masks. I heard of these all around the internet and was finally able to pick up a few boxes when I was in Toronto this past summer. A pack will set you back about $15, which averages out to about a dollar and change per mask. That’s not too bad at all when you consider the price of a facial at a spa.

The My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks I have (and love) are Bulgarian Rose and Black Pearl

My Beauty Diary Masks

Have any of you tried sheet masks before? Link your favorite in the comments below.