Hey gals,

A few weeks ago I received the Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System for review through the Influenster program.

I was excited to try it because my skin had been really suffering with the change in seasons, as you can see in the completely makeup free picture below.

Clearly not a good photo…or skin situation!

As you can see from the picture, my skin tone is a bit blotchy and uneven, and I clearly have a few pimples (or spots, as I like to call them). I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel describing my initial thoughts about the products. Here is the video (and it is my very first video EVER!)

Now, initially I was very impressed by the products. They were easy to use, scent free, and felt really nice on my face.
After two days of using the products I had a terrible reaction to them! My skin became super dry and flakey, painful, and I broke out in an itchy rash. I had to take Benadryl and not touch my face with anything but water for a whole week before it went back to normal.
I was so surprised that I had such an intense, terrible reaction from a product line I had heard so many good things about. I spoke to my mom about it and she told me she had a similar reaction when she tried Mary Kay products in the past. I did some additional research in online forums and found others who have experienced similar things.
Now, I don’t want to completely bash this product or Mary Kay cosmetics because I know so many people that love it so much. I think I am just super allergic to their products–apparently it runs in my family.
I am posting some links below to other YouTubers who have had positive experiences with the product, so you can see how it works on someone who is not allergic.
My recommendation is that if you are going to use this product (or any new skincare product for that matter), that you try it on your hand first to see how you react.
I will definitely do some more videos for you guys in the future about my skincare and makeup routines, and I’m hoping they will be a lot better quality as I learn more about filming vlogs.
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If you guys have tried this Acne System, tell me all about it in the comments. I would love to hear both positive and negative experiences.