This weekend had some highs and lows. I came out of it relatively unscathed, but it left me feeling a little tired and unenthusiastic for Monday.

To brighten my mood, I painted my nails in a fun color that went really well with how I had been feeling.

"What's the Mitch-uation" by OPI Nicole

“What’s the Mitch-uation” by OPI Nicole

This is such a beautiful and vibrant blue (What’s the Mitch-uation by Nicole) that changes a little bit based on the light and what my hand is put up against. When I paired it with this fun ring I got at Pieces in Germantown, it took on a more blue-green look from the colors in the ring and the navy background of the pillow.

All of my favorite colors

All of my favorite colors

Hopefully the blues will not last all week, but they really look good on my nails.

Do you do anything different with your makeup or nails when you’re feeling blue?