I definitely missed the whole spring cleaning memo and I found myself well into fall and feeling like my life was cluttered. You know that feeling: anxiety at the pit of your stomach, difficulty sleeping…That was the Universe telling me (not so subtly) that it was time to organize!

My organization was a 2 week long endeavor…I think zombies might have taken over my body as I was doing it because it was a lot of work! I started by going through my closet, switching things over from summer to winter and preparing some things for Goodwill. Basically, if I hadn’t worn it in more than 6 months it had to go!

I then moved on to my storage closet in my loft and let me tell you, I saw some things in there that I hadn’t laid eyes on in 2 years. Basically when I moved into this apartment I had a bunch of things I didn’t know what to do with. So I stuck them in the storage closet and promptly forgot about them. I was brutal and 10 garbage bags later I was done, and my storage closet now had room for what really belonged there–extra blankets and empty suitcases.

Throughout this project I found some wonderful things, like cards I received for Uni graduation and letters from my best friends dating back 10 years! It was really sentimental to read through them and really gave me a warm feeling inside. Its always nice to realize you are loved (and at one of the most difficult points in my life). Even though I am not in touch with some of those people anymore it is really meaningful to remember that God brings what we need into our lives…

Anyways, that bit of sentimentality aside, it felt really cleansing to bring a sense of order to my abode and I feel that has extended to my social and spiritual life as well.

I am just now finishing folding some last loads of laundry and will do a room tour soon to show you guys some of my organizational tips and tricks. But in the meantime I wanted to share something I bought yesterday that is just blowing my mind: Semikolon Sticky Tabs

These are a game changer

I picked these beauties up on a recent trip to the Container Store. That place is like therapy for me–you’ve never seen someone get so excited about plastic bins. These are great because I can colorcode them based on different projects or conversations to make them easy to find in my work notebooks. They are also wonderful to use in my Korean textbook so that I can easily flip back to specific pages (learning a new alphabet is touch people!)

The colors are really vibrant, though I am not sure what I will use the super dark ones for since pen ink won’t show up on them…but they come in this case that folds up so its super easy to throw in my bag for easy access during meetings.

What do you guys use to help you be more organized?