I have recently become a really big fan of nail art, which has been popular in Asia for years. This trend has also caught on in America recently. While it can be a pretty expensive endeavor to get fancy nail art (like the one below), I have found that there are several affordable options for doing nail art at home.

This would cost so much to get done at the salon!

Now, mine isn’t always that fancy, but I have picked up some tips and tricks in order to occasionally do something fancier than a plain color.

This week’s nailspiration comes from one of my favorite Youtubers–MeejMuse. The pic on top is my attempt and the one below is my inspiration from Meej.
This was very simple to do and I am absolutely in love with the results! It is feminine and cute but would still pass in a professional setting. I love that it is different than the same old french manicure, which I think has become a bit stale. The best part is that this look can be accomplished with any combination of nail polish colors and nail stickers to achieve a different theme.
Would you guys like to see a video tutorial of how I created this look? What other nailart styles would you like to see me attempt? Leave your comments below!
Till next time,